Connections Plus Program

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We work with the local church, Maranatha Church, to develop and deliver this program. This program generally works with middle school age kids and young high school students. This is a custom curriculum that is tailored to the needs of the students.

This program meets on Tuesday evenings during the school year (September to May), between  3:00pm and 5:00pm.

For example, if one of the young men needs a little help with his math,or maybe needs some self-care, we will take the time to give him the help he needs while we will continue with the other students. We try to use the outdoor grounds as much as possible for our programming, but when the weather gets bad, we move into the Woodshop or Activity Center to continue to teach life skills.


Your donations to Pathfinder Farms help to support programs such as Connections Plus.  We NEVER charge any of the families and youngsters we have in this program.  Donations help to support this program, allowing us to purchase the supplies needed for activities and all operational costs associated with Pathfinder Farms.

Latest Connections Plus Program Activities

May 23, 2023

The last couple of weeks we've been getting ready for summer break. As we continue to work on relationship building in learning how to use energy in a positive way, they got to spend some time playing in the creek tonight chasing crawdads and then some fishing later. 

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May 02, 2023

We started in the wood shop on our Mother's Day presents and then we went to our Bible study where we were working on Proverbs 1:5.

These guys have come a long way.

March 18, 2023

2nd Annual pinewood Derby at Pathfinder Farms

It seems like I say this a lot, but this was a really good day!

We had best design and best decorated cars that were just awesome!  Then we also had fastest female car and male car. Time for where every competitive.

Track worked excellent and the kids were just fabulous today. They all behaved with humility and grace and showed excellent sportsmanship.

I was super happy with all our volunteers that helped today. They took ownership of whatever job they were given and completed it with results that I could not have done better myself. These people love kids, and it shows!

Today was about having fun and taking pride in something you built. But there was so much fellowship between the volunteers, kids and parents, I know relationships were moved to the next level today.

At the end of day, all the Glory goes to our Father who made it all possible, what a great dad!

Connections Plus Program imageConnections Plus Program imageConnections Plus Program imageConnections Plus Program image

February 28, 2023


Great day to be on the farm. We started outside and played some socker and enjoyed just being out in the sun. We have two newer guys with us, so they are starting to see what some of the outside activities are like. They all did a great job of staying active.

After some 4 square, we went to Woodshop and work on our cars for the race on the 18th of March. That will be a big day, we could see over 70 kids show up to race the cars that they built here in our woodshop.

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