Pathfinder 16:11 Program

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The Pathfinder 16:11 program is our Flagship program and longest running at over 8 years now.  It is by far the most intensive program that we have, where we serve 8 to 12 young men each week during the school year.  Many of these young men participate in our programs for 2 to 3 years prior to coming into the 16:11 program.  Many will stay for another 2 or 3 years and continue to build their skills.

This program meets on Thursday evenings during the school year (September to May), between 3:30 pm and 7:30 pm.

The Pathfinder 16:11 program is very much a hands on program with many activities and faith-based lessons that are incorporated within each experience.  Our purposeful interaction with these young men is consisten during our time.  Meant to build on vocation, team building, life skills, and fellowship.  We incorporate as many outdoor activities as possible (as long as the weather cooperates), such as hiking (nature walks), swimming, fishing, and archery to name a few.  During our outside activities we incorporate lessons, such as tree identification, camp side cooking, garden harvesting, and navigation.  We also have LOTS of fun!  With just over 180 activities that we plan with these young men, we intentionally relate everything we do with the Bible and fellowship while building a positive relationship that we hope will last for years.

When the weather is not cooperating, you will often find these young men in the Activity Center.  Projects done in the Woodshop, Kitchen, and main room, provide valuable life skills in so many areas, such as cooking, carpentry, and many other vocational skills.  They learn measurements, using different tools (hand and electronic), and how to work individually and as a team.

We typically close the day out after our family style dinner and cleanup, with some great conversation - Bible study and fellowship are the perfect ending to our activity filled day together.  At the end of the school year, the young men help plan a special activity trip that will utlize many of the skills they have learned throughout the year.  It often includes a camping trip in the woods, field trips that consist of canoeing, horseback riding, and above all LOTS of great conversations!

The bonding with these young men is incredible and every year we are humbled by the growth of these young men who go through the entire program!


Your donations to Pathfinder Farms help to support programs such as Pathfinder 16:11.  We NEVER charge any of the families and young men we have in this program.  Donations help to support this program, allowing us to purchase the supplies needed for activities and all operational costs associated with Pathfinder Farms.

Latest Pathfinder 16:11 Program Activities

March 18, 2023

2nd Annual pinewood Derby at Pathfinder Farms

It seems like I say this a lot, but this was a really good day!

We had best design and best decorated cars that were just awesome!  Then we also had fastest female car and male car. Time for where every competitive.

Track worked excellent and the kids were just fabulous today. They all behaved with humility and grace and showed excellent sportsmanship.

I was super happy with all our volunteers that helped today. They took ownership of whatever job they were given and completed it with results that I could not have done better myself. These people love kids, and it shows!

Today was about having fun and taking pride in something you built. But there was so much fellowship between the volunteers, kids and parents, I know relationships were moved to the next level today.

At the end of day, all the Glory goes to our Father who made it all possible, what a great dad!

Pathfinder 16:11 Program imagePathfinder 16:11 Program imagePathfinder 16:11 Program imagePathfinder 16:11 Program image

March 09, 2023

Another full house tonight.

We finished up all of the pinewood derby cars for this group.

Chili for dinner along with cornbread and dessert. And then off to our Bible study around Psalms 16:11 and several scriptures in the Book of John.

Then we finished up with a game of horse and Foursquare. Great evening

Pathfinder 16:11 Program imagePathfinder 16:11 Program imagePathfinder 16:11 Program imagePathfinder 16:11 Program image

March 02, 2023

Thanks to Ed, Pathfinder 16:11 started right on time tonight even though I was at some training until 4:00 ish. He started out with two rope games and then (Don't touch me) initiative.  When I arrived, we ran through a couple of versions of the (Pathfinder the game), pattern 10.  Off to the Activity Center for a quick name game.

When the guys were good and warmed up, we headed to the woodshop where we had three teams working on either pinewood derby, walking sticks, or sharpening block planes.  Our team had a chicken and beef fajita dinner ready for us.

That was awesome and then we finished up with a bible study from Isaiah chapter 55.  So thankful these guys. 

Pathfinder 16:11 Program imagePathfinder 16:11 Program imagePathfinder 16:11 Program imagePathfinder 16:11 Program imagePathfinder 16:11 Program image

December 01, 2022

Tonight we had some great conversations while working on our walking sticks.  Handmade skillet pizza was on the menu which brought about more great conversations.  All was supported by a great Bible teaching and more deep conversations.  Every activity tonight was surrounded by the importance of communication and sharing your feelings, no matter how difficult it may be.

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