Pathfinder 16:11 Program

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The Pathfinder 16:11 program is our Flagship program and longest running at over 8 years now.  It is by far the most intensive program that we have, where we serve 8 to 12 young men each week during the school year.  Many of these young men participate in our programs for 2 to 3 years prior to coming into the 16:11 program.  Many will stay for another 2 or 3 years and continue to build their skills.

This program meets on Thursday evenings during the school year (September to May), between 3:30 pm and 7:30 pm.

The Pathfinder 16:11 program is very much a hands on program with many activities and faith-based lessons that are incorporated within each experience.  Our purposeful interaction with these young men is consisten during our time.  Meant to build on vocation, team building, life skills, and fellowship.  We incorporate as many outdoor activities as possible (as long as the weather cooperates), such as hiking (nature walks), swimming, fishing, and archery to name a few.  During our outside activities we incorporate lessons, such as tree identification, camp side cooking, garden harvesting, and navigation.  We also have LOTS of fun!  With just over 180 activities that we plan with these young men, we intentionally relate everything we do with the Bible and fellowship while building a positive relationship that we hope will last for years.

When the weather is not cooperating, you will often find these young men in the Activity Center.  Projects done in the Woodshop, Kitchen, and main room, provide valuable life skills in so many areas, such as cooking, carpentry, and many other vocational skills.  They learn measurements, using different tools (hand and electronic), and how to work individually and as a team.

We typically close the day out after our family style dinner and cleanup, with some great conversation - Bible study and fellowship are the perfect ending to our activity filled day together.  At the end of the school year, the young men help plan a special activity trip that will utlize many of the skills they have learned throughout the year.  It often includes a camping trip in the woods, field trips that consist of canoeing, horseback riding, and above all LOTS of great conversations!

The bonding with these young men is incredible and every year we are humbled by the growth of these young men who go through the entire program!


Your donations to Pathfinder Farms help to support programs such as Pathfinder 16:11.  We NEVER charge any of the families and young men we have in this program.  Donations help to support this program, allowing us to purchase the supplies needed for activities and all operational costs associated with Pathfinder Farms.

Latest Pathfinder 16:11 Program Activities

April 27, 2023

Tonight, we had some special guests help us with a project. Keychains for on our beltloop with paracord. This was a pretty tough weave. But almost everybody got it figured out. They did a great job with the guys. While some worked on weaving for their keychains. Mike talked about the possible need for paracord and its many uses.

I worked with the others and build some fire starters for one of our fundraisers.
Then off to supper where we had taco salads and fruit. Bill also made sure we ate plenty of cucumbers. 

We ran out of time, so I just gave some word for the guys to think about before we finished up for the night with a couple rounds of 4-square.

Pathfinder 16:11 Program imagePathfinder 16:11 Program imagePathfinder 16:11 Program imagePathfinder 16:11 Program image

April 20, 2023

This was another beautiful night. Started off planting seeds in the greenhouse and getting them ready to put under the grow lights.
We took some time to go fishing before dinner.
Dinner tonight was stuffed peppers, from the garden last year. Some homemade rolls and fruit.
Our Bible study was with same theme as last week, seeds, planting and how the Bible relates to our life. God is GOOD! 

Pathfinder 16:11 Program imagePathfinder 16:11 Program imagePathfinder 16:11 Program imagePathfinder 16:11 Program image

April 13, 2023

Over spring break, we do some a community service or special projects.
This year we worked on our storage building for here at the Pathfinder Farms. This building was built in pieces, in various programs over the course of the year. One of our local churches (New Life) helped us assemble it. I worked with a couple of the young men to put the siding on.
The building is now in place in use. Job well done! 

Pathfinder 16:11 Program imagePathfinder 16:11 Program imagePathfinder 16:11 Program imagePathfinder 16:11 Program image

March 30, 2023

Beautiful night tonight, a little cool but not too bad.
We warmed up with some basketball and then we got right to it with our concussion around the fire.
Tonight's goal was to clean up branches and debris that makes playing (King of the Hill) dangerous. We spent quite a bit of time in the Big Woods cleaning before dinner.
Tonight we had one of the favorites, breakfast for supper.
This was our last night together before spring break. So, we talked about different activities that they could be engaged with while they were away from the farm. Turned out to be a very good discussion.

Pathfinder 16:11 Program imagePathfinder 16:11 Program imagePathfinder 16:11 Program imagePathfinder 16:11 Program image