Summer Program

Our summer programs are all about building relationships and introducing fundamental social skills. This time is fully customizable, and we would be glad to speak with you on the possibilities.

We run each week for four days, where we spend three to four hours per day with these young people, enforcing the importance of social skills, personal care and self-care, and of course any time we can get some teaching in the vocations or land lab we take advantage of the time wisely.

Building lasting relationships with encouragement, strong growth, and a sense of community are key cornerstones of the program. We focus on helping these young people build these skills to help them when the new school year begins, setting them up for success and continued growth.

While this program does have a cost, it is never passed on to the family.


Your donations to Pathfinder Farms helps to support programs such as our summer program.  We NEVER charge any of the families and young men we have in this program.  Donations help to support this program, allowing us to purchase the supplies needed for activities and all operational costs associated with Pathfinder Farms.

Latest Summer Program Activities

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