About us

Welcome to Pathfinder Farms

After more than 7 years, Pathfinder Farms has grown tremendously, reaching hundreds of young men and women through our various programs. As we continue to grow and impact our Ashland, Ohio community with Christian based ministry, we are excited to share even more life changing skills to these youngsters. In everything we do here at Pathfinder Farms, we keep Jesus at the center of our attention and build that relationship with our Savior, with all participants, in a positive and meaningful way.

"Helping young people find their way and growing youth is the mission of Pathfinder Farms."

Helping young people find their way and growing youth is the mission of Pathfinder Farms. We purposefully reach out to young people that have a need of Christian interaction, laying down a pathway to Christ through relationships and activities, that promote a way of life that will help them excel in this life and the next!

We thank you for sharing your blessings with us and helping make a difference in a young person’s life. We have been blessed in so many ways and feel the more we share with these young people, the more God supplies our needs. We hope and pray that blessings will return to you in many ways.

The Burkholder Family

Jon and Sandy Burkholder have been lifelong supporters of developing youth and helping them grow into well-adjusted young adults. Having raised their own two young men, Heath and Lee, and having a servant heart and mindset, they set out to couple their passion of guiding young people with their Christian lifestyle. This is where Pathfinder Farms was born.

Fast forward 7+ years, and their small nonprofit has grown to encompass a variety of programs designed to help youngsters in their daily lives. Pathfinder Farms has become a second home, a salvation for so many young people, and it continues to grow every day!

Jon is now dedicated full-time to the mission, and along with several staff members, they are growing the programs to cast a wider reach and help even more young people in the community. As their reach widens to other local communities, such as Hillsdale, Richland, and Loudonville, we hope to continue building great relationships to continue this mission far beyond anything we had ever envisioned.

Youth Scholarship

The majority of our programs here at Pathfinder Farms are cost free to our young people and families. While we have been blessed to be able to provide these services for the last 7+ years, costs associated with these programs continues to rise. We do everything we can to keep costs down and still provide a quality program.

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit association, we look for ways to raise funding to not only pay for the costs associated with these programs and events, but we rely on people like you to help us with the needed funding. Your donation to Pathfinder Farms will go directly to helping with overhead costs (such as heating and cooling in our main building), food costs, program supplies, and so much more. Every dollar donated is used directly towards the Pathfinder Farms mission of helping young people grow!

We are happy to coordinate a fundraiser with you, answer any additional questions you might have, and as always, we are extremely grateful for your generosity.