Pathfinder Farms Programs

Pathfinder Farms Programs

We have a variety of programs to help young people build skills in a variety of areas. Whether they need assistance with homework or math skills, or they want to learn life skills, such as cooking, working with wood, and team building – we offer something for everyone!

Day School Program

This is a unique program that is tailored to the individual school system or independent consortium. In most cases, we interact with the students 14 to 21 days, during the normal school year. The students are with us for 6 hours each day and experience many hands-on life building skills in our woodshop and kitchen, as well as learn important critical thinking skills such as budgeting. This life skills-based education focuses on developing personal skills for these young people.

Summer Program

Our summer programs are all about building relationships and introducing fundamental social skills. This program runs each week for four days, where we spend three hours per day with these young people, enforcing the importance of social skills. Building lasting relationships with encouragement, growth, and a sense of community are key cornerstones of the program. We focus on helping these young people build these skills to help them when the new school year begins, setting them up for success and continued growth.

Connection Plus Program

This program runs from 3:00pm-5:00pm on Monday evenings. We work with Maranatha Church to develop and deliver this program. We generally work with middle school age kids and young high school students. This is a custom curriculum that is tailored to the needs of the students.

For example, if one of the young men needs a little help with his math, we will take the time to give him the help he needs while we will continue with the other students. We try to use the outdoor grounds as much as possible for our programming, but when the weather gets bad, we move into the woodshop or Activity Center to continue to teach life skills.

The Pathfinder 16:11

This program runs from 3:30pm-7:30pm on Thursday evenings. This was our first ministry and longest running program to date. We serve 8 to 12 young men each week during the school year, with many of them coming back for two or three more years.

During this time, we interact with them in several consistent ways, starting with a healthy snack, then we either do team building games or some sort of group activity that will teach them life skills. If the weather is nice (sun out and dry) we try to be outside and keep them moving as much as possible, doing activities such as outdoor navigation, woodshop, fishing, hiking and nature walks. We always try to relate our activities with the Bible, with just over 180 main activities.

After cleaning-up we head to the Activity Center for a family style meal. Sometimes the young men help to prepare the food with the help of some of our advisors, and after dinner we clean up and have time for Bible study and fellowship.

I should note that we pray several times during our meetings... when we first come together, at mealtime, when we study the Bible, and to end our time together with the Lord’s Prayer. No one has to be a follower of Christ to be in our programing, it's just a benefit.

At the end of the school year, we let the boys plan an overnight outing. They will get to plan the activities, meals, games, and list of needed supplies. This always turns out to be a lot of fun and a real bonding time. This is the last time we will see some of these young men in our programs and emotions can run very high. This time we get to see just how much they guys have grown in many ways.


This program runs from 6pm-7:30pm and has 9 to 16+ year old young men. It has our largest number of participants ranging from 15 to 30 kids. The curriculum is designed around the armor of God and uses projects to teach life skills that produce positive life habits that will benefit the young men and their families. There are outposts and several camping trips with this ministry.


This program runs from 6pm-7:30pm and is a group for girls from k-6th grade. We focus on the Gospel of Christ, including the Armor of God. The first half of the meeting is spent on prayer and Bible teaching, and the 2nd half is dedicated to projects that teach life skills that focus on positive life habits that will benefit these girls as they grow and mature into adulthood.

Our goal is to help these young girls develop a strong relationship with Jesus and to know they are loved. We have a lot of fun while doing all these things. Our prayer is to add a teen group in the future. In the winter months it’s almost never dry so we keep them inside for the most part.

C.R.O.P Program

This program is available to all our existing programs and can be linked together to make a more continuous program. We start plants from seed and transfer them to the greenhouse or directly into the garden. This program includes seed bed preparation, care of the plants, weeding, as well as harvest. After harvest we look forward to getting into the kitchen to teach them how to prepare or preserve the food that they grew. Much of the time spent in this program could be considered for community service hours.

Woodshop Program

This element of our training is used in many of our programs. The woodshop is outfitted with many old school hand tools which we teach how to use, and then we show the more modern version. In many cases we will work with each student one on one to make sure that safety is kept at the highest level, we always do safety training first on the tool and any situation awareness that applies. In most cases they keep whatever they make and use them for gifts or to put in their survival kits.

Kitchen Program

The kitchen is much like the woodshop in many ways. We have them build food instead of a gift. They still need to learn all the tools of the kitchen and the safety rules that apply. In the kitchen and woodshop, math plays a vital role. We enforce weights, volumes, measurements, fractions, and decimals as a big part of whatever project they are working on.

Land Lab/Greenhouse Program

In this area of training the students work with real life issues and how those issues can be predicted and altered to the benefit of the team and or the individuals. Whether on a low course element, or in the greenhouse / garden the value of learning how decisions we make will affect us all, whether in a positive or negative way, is the cornerstone of this program. By investing thought, time and energy we can make some very good choices with our life.