The Gabriella House

As we continue to grow and are blessed with the ability to help more and more youngsters in our community, our focus in 2023 will be on gaining funds to construct the Gabriella House on the Pathfinder Farm grounds.

"This project, the Gabriella House, may be the answer to many prayers in the community."

We have been looking to grow a female program that would parallel our current Pathfinder 16:11 program. With the completion of this project, we would be able to bring our current female program on-site, allowing them to utilize the woodshop, kitchen, and land lab more easily. Currently, the girls are located off-site, about ½ a mile away.

There is a need in the community to provide this program for these young ladies looking for guidance and the ability to learn skills, such as woodshop skills, outdoor land lab skills, and kitchen skills. In addition to starting this older girl program, the Gabriella House would also give us the ability to meet with our after school programs for the initial contact and debriefing we do on a daily basis.

The Vision / Goals

We envision the Gabriella House to have the day kitchen, restrooms, portable fireplace (in the middle of the floor with a retractable chimney), surrounded by glass garage doors on three sides. On the fourth side would be the kitchen access to an outside covered deck.

While this is an ambitious project and undertaking for 2023, we believe with the outpouring of community support we received in 2022, and the addition of so many wonderful donors, fundraisers, and events, we CAN make this happen with your help!

How You Can Help / Updates and more....

We need your help – volunteers, donations, and prayers are ALL needed to make this vision become a reality! Stay tuned right here for updates as we progress along!

We are happy to coordinate a fundraiser with you, answer any additional questions you might have, and as always, we are extremely grateful for your generosity.